GAG Trading Company

Since 1948

Industrial Grade Plastic Crates

Key Applications

 Horticulture, Aquaculture and Processed Foods

 Dairy products

 Electrical and Industrial Products

 Garment and Leather industries




Key Features

 Highly durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy handling and efficient utilization of storage space

 Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth

 Temperature ranges from 30˚C to 75˚C


Jumbo Crates Range:

This range of crates comes in four different heights with 23 models and these are designed for transporting heavy loads, keeping in mind the demands of industries such as seafood, confectionaries, food processing, bakeries and electronics. Details of the most popular models are provided below.

All-Rounder Crates Range (EX-Series & FX-Series):

The All-Rounder Crates EX-Series range of crates come in six different heights with 36 models. These crates are designed for in-plant handling for industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, light engineering, electronics, bakeries and confectionaries.

The FX-Series come in three models and are ideally suited to the automobile, electrical and electronics industries. Details of the most popular model numbers are as provided below.

Agro Crates:

These crates are ideal for carrying vegetables, fruits and horticultural produce. They are also used in the cashew industry and in super markets. Agro crates come in five models as shown below.

Space Saver Crates (NS-Series):

These crates are ideal for both in-plant handling and transportation. They enable very significant savings in space by being stackable inside each other when not in use and stackable one-on-top-of the other when in use. They are typically used in the electronics, light engineering, electrical, horticulture, food processing, bakeries and confectionary industries.

Beverage and Milk Crates:

These crates are ideal for carrying beverages and perfect for transportation of liquids in bottles. One variety is widely used for transportation of milk and other liquids packed in sachets.

Model No.

L x B x H

Capacity (ltrs)

Beverage Crates 2 models


350 x 270 x 320



440 x 293 x 130


Milk Crates 3 models


OD 471 x 378 x 139
ID 427 x 335 x 126



OD 471 x 378 x 170
ID 427 x 335 x 155



OD 560 x 295 x 180
ID 515 x 205 x 178