GAG Trading Company

Since 1948

Material Handling and Storage

Industrial Grade Crates for Storage, Production and Transportation. For applications ranging from Machine Components to Pharmaceuticals.


Industrial Grade Plastic Crates

Warehouses, Shop floor, Document and Record Management Solutions.

Metal Racking and Storage Systems

Tubular Pallets and Corrugated Metal Pallets: Ideal for Transportation and Storage of Large Volume and Heavy Weight Loads.

Plastic Pallets: Light weight, durable and impervious to acids, fats and solvents.


Text Box: Stacker Boxes and Drawers that complete any Metal Racking and Storage System. Economical, Sturdy, Space Saving Storage Systems.

Stacker Boxes and Drawers

Plastic tubular protection for a variety of applications ranging from glass bulbs to precision machine components.

Protective Sleeving